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Primary Spine Practitioner Certificate Program - Module 4 (2021) is a Course

Primary Spine Practitioner Certificate Program - Module 4 (2021)

Dec 3 - Dec 6, 2021

$950 Enroll

Full course description

You must have completed Units 1, 2, and 3 before registering for Unit 4. 

The PSP Certification Program™ consists of a total of approximately 120 hours of instruction. The program is divided into 4 “units” of instruction, with each unit consisting of two parts: 1) a set of online educational modules (8 -12 hours) and 2) a weekend skill-building workshop (16 hours), along with 2 supportive textbooks. Students are required to pass quizzes accompanying each online educational module. Following each live weekend course, students will also need to pass a unit test which covers both the on-line learning and live coursework. There is also a final practical competency exam that will be given after the last weekend course (Unit 4) of the PSP series.

The live workshop for PSP Unit 4 will be held the weekend of March 5-7 (Friday-Sunday). Activities will be hosted in a virtual/online format. 

This course listing is for Unit 4: Case Analysis, Review, & Certification
All 4 units must be completed to be eligible for the certification examination.