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Advanced Vestibular Physical Therapist (AVPT) Certification: Module 4 is a Course

Advanced Vestibular Physical Therapist (AVPT) Certification: Module 4

Apr 9 - Apr 11, 2022

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Full course description

Full description:

The AVPT certification is delivered in a highly innovative format that allows participants from anywhere in the world to experience cutting-edge vestibular content from the University of Pittsburgh with limited travel.  The hybrid format includes self-paced online coursework, synchronous virtual meetings via Zoom and 4 interactive weekend workshops.  The content is delivered in four specific modules and arranged by content. The modules do not need to be taken in order, but Modules 1-3 must be completed before attending Module 4, which includes a hands-on skills session on the University of Pittsburgh Campus

Each module will consist of 12-16 hours of online presentations, required readings and a virtual journal club via Zoom.  Participants will be required to complete the pre-requisite work prior to the weekend workshop.  Each weekend workshop will provide 10-12 hours of interactive live presentations delivered through Zoom and the opportunity to network with world-renowned experts.  At the completion of each weekend workshop, the participants will be provided a quiz as a review of the content presented within the module.  The quiz is required for CEU purposes in some US states and is designed to prepare participants for the written exam for those who are completing all four modules of the AVPT program.

Module 1 Topics include:  advanced vestibular anatomy, VOR function, vestibular testing, outcome measures, differential diagnosis, vestibular perception, and acute diagnosis and management.  The weekend workshop for Module 1:  August 14-15, 2021 (via Zoom).

Module 2 Topics include: Concussion, vision, eye movements, vestibular hypofunction CPG, Mal de Debarquement, CNS disorders, pharmacological/surgical management. The weekend workshop for Module 2: November 13th-14th 2021 (via Zoom)

Module 3 Topics include: Advances in BPPV, PPPD, and other conditions associated with vestibular disorders. The weekend workshop for Module 3: January 8th-9th 2022(via Zoom)

Module 4 will require in-person participation on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh for immersive skills lab sessions, and a competency examination that will include a comprehensive written and practical component of content delivered within all four modules. The weekend workshop for Module 4: April 9th-10th 2022 (in person in Pittsburgh, PA).

Each module can be taken independently, but participants must complete all four modules and successfully pass the competency examination to become certified as an Advanced Vestibular Physical Therapist.

At the conclusion of each module, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

AVPT Certification

Certification will be granted from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences based on the following:

·         Participation and successful completion of Modules 1-3

·         Participation of the hands-on skills session of Module 4

·         Successful completion of a comprehensive written and practical examination following Module 4


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